Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Q&A and movie time....

Hi Again! 2 posts in one day!
Here are some short clips that I took this week at classes...enjoy!
Motivation Q&A below...

These 3 videos show some fun partner exercises that you can do with a medicine ball...Fun!

This next video is from Wednesday morning around 7:30am...when the shortlived Valley blizzard hit us during our workout! These chicks are tough...

Q: Do you have any ideas for those of us with low motivation? Sometimes it is just too hard to get out there! Thanks, C.

A: DO I!? A very large part of my day-to-day job as a coach and trainer is to motivate others to reach their goals. Motivation to complete one last repetition, one more hill repeat, or one more day of regular training.

Motivation is a funny thing. When we have it we are unstoppable! When we don't we can't even remember what it felt like. Motivation can be sourced internally or externally.

When we want something bad enough we can talk ourselves through any task, regardless of how massive it may seem to others. Or it can come from an outside source such as that super duper awesome track on your ipod OR the primal response of competition that jacks up your heart rate and shoots adreneline into your veins.

Motivation is extremely individual. Your top 5 motivators surely differ from those of your closest friend.

Motivation is dynamic. What motivates us is constantly changing as we grow and change as individuals. While it may have been your highschool track coach that motivated you 15 years ago, the thought of performing for him now just wouldn't do it for you.

Uncovering your motivators is the first step towards realizing your dreams and goals. You can not do it on sheer will power alone. Forget this crazy idea and stop beating yourself up about your 'lack of will power'! Determine what motivates you and GO WITH IT. Don't judge it. Don't deny it. Just go with it and you will feel the flow of this natural alignment.

If you are motivated by accountability than sign up for a group, a buddy system or a personal trainer. So many of us feel that we 'should be able to do it ourselves'. Where this feeling comes from is an entirely different topic that we could spiral into ... but we will leave that for another time. Let's get to the nitty gritty. Here is what I want you to do when you experience times of low motivation...

1Low motivation...
2Figure out what motivates you...
3Go with it...
4You will succeed...
Repeat steps for the rest of your life....

Motivation Check List
Here are 7 sure ways to stay motivated and stick to your fitness plan for life!

1 Reach For Your Goals. Goal setting will help you stay focused and motivated during times of doubt and lack of interest. In order to be effective, goals must be SMART-Specific, Measurable, Attainable (possible), Realistic (probable), and Time-bound. Keep a copy of your goals where you will see them everyday.

2. Fool Yourself Into It. Choose an activity that you actually enjoy, and it won’t feel like work. Walking, for example is one of the easiest, most safe, and least expensive activities for improving overall fitness that can be done nearly anywhere at anytime.

3 Buddy Up. Exercise with a friend and you will be more likely to stick to your plan. Not to mention it can be much more fun and the time will fly by!

4 Sign The Dotted Line. Make a personal contract with yourself. Your word may be all it takes to keep you one the right track. Make it specific, sign and date it, and stick to it.

5 Plan To Fail. Sounds grim but at least 50% of people drop out of their new programs. You need to be prepared for a relapse when you are tempted to quit. Think of all the excuses you may use down the road to get out of your workout, and then write down a solution for each one.

6 Recruit A Drill Sergeant. Well maybe not, but a Personal Trainer will do. Hire a professional to get you started and keep you focused. A Personal Trainer will design a program that is safe, effective and specific to your needs. They can also provide new enthusiasm and help motivate you if you are losing your focus.

7 Collect The Facts. Do you know what your current fitness level is? Take part in a fitness assessment with a Kinesiologist or a Personal Trainer to find out where you are in relation to your fitness goals and what you need to do to reach them. Fitness assessments are not as scary as you may think and can be a great motivator when you see your results over time.

Good luck and hang in there, you’re on the right track!

Friday: A Week in Pictures... Q&A

Snowing lightly...
Overcast skies...

Here is how I spent the week at work! Q&A to follow....

7:30am at the track...

4:00pm at SCORE...stretch and core training

WEDNESDAY the Base for a BLIZZARD WORKOUT! Videos in my next post!

THURSDAY: the Pier in Comox breathtaking sunrise...


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ELM Race Jersey DEAL!

Hello and Happy Tuesday!
I just wanted to let you know about a great deal on our ELM Race Jerseys...SUGOI has just dropped their custom jersey prices and so we are able to pass on the savings to you! These super fast...super styling...super cool short sleeve jerseys are now only $50 inclusive! I am placing a new order this Friday, so please email me ASAP if you would like to pick one up.
Just look how fast they will make you...
Me at the 2008 Log Train Trail... First Female in the 1/2 marathon!
Kim and Cindy just after qualifying for the BOSTON marathon! Good luck this spring you two!

Email ELM to order today...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Muddy Buddy's

I had a great Sunday ride with the girls- Lene and Pascale up at the dam. A HUGE difference from Fridays ride which was stellar bluesky and dry packed trail. Today there were puddles as big as my car, gooey mud clogging up the tread and slime spontaneously growing on the rocks. But still it was oh-so-fun!

All 3 of us went up the road for the Tomato Creek loop (I am starting to know each root and rock intimately) then we xd the road and played in the Bears Bait trails above the Puntledge River. After an hour XC Lene headed home to pick up her girls and Pascale and I rode our 2nd loop as planned ... back up TC hill. The hill is so short compared to what we ride in summer that I force myself to shut out any negative thoughts cause they would be so wasted! Save the tears for spring when the snow level drops and we grunt up Forbidden Plateau or Branch21 climbs. AKA Suck it Up Princess.
All in all we rode for about 2:40...great for a rainy February day (pat on back). I had the yummiest snack mid ride...a new energy bar that one of our ELM Members posted on the members only site. Chocolate, oats, peanut butter, raisins, bake and chewy chocolate goodness. I can't swallow fake energy food all year round so I am always looking for new portable snack recipes that will give me the calories the nutrients that I need on the trail. This is a keeper for sure as they held up nicely after being rammed into my wee camel pack. Thanks Sherry!
OK so I really debated posting this next photo...
I thought some of you might find it a
But it really is SO funny that I couldn't resist.
So, I am going to post a warning here and give you a chance to log off without scrolling down to
view the pic.
Warning: The photo you are about to view may be offensive to some. Viewer discretion is advised.

Muddy buddies!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday Q&A and ... I Can FLY!

Happy Saturday! Your Friday Q&A follows...

I HAVE WINGS! I Can Fly! That's right I just picked up a fresh pair of Salomon 'Wings' from Valhalla Pure to replace my old packed out training trail runners. And...BONUS they are on sale right now so I knocked $20 off!
I know I know - I winged about these wings alot last year. Me winging during training runs : "They are too squishy. They are to sloppy".
So why am I buying them again for the 09 season? Well, although they would never perform as a race or performance shoe their extra squishy cushy ride is great for decreasing impact during training runs. I have pretty sensitive legs and need more cush than most to avoid flare ups with the old compartment syndrome so the trade off between responsiveness and cushioning is an easy one for me. Squish squish. Running on clouds is great for training...but when I want to turn on the jets it is time to slip on my racing Salomons! Kinda like shaving your body before a swim meet...right? I am not a swimmer. So sorry if I offend. Next.
I HAVE MAGNETS! They are cool! As part of our revamped logo launch I had some super cool magnets printed off with the front of my new business cards...get them before their gone! I will be giving them out at next weeks classes...I bet you just can't wait.

I HAVE AN IDEA FOR US MOUNTAIN BIKERS. I was in my bike shop today- Mountain City Cycle John and Jason were fixing up my brakes for me so I am no longer torturing myself by riding with my front brake under 50% resistance and cursing on the climbs while I continue to mash my granny gear looking for JUST ONE MORE GEAR. Sorry about that but it has been a brutal 2 weeks and I should know better than try to change my own brake pads. So back to my great idea....

I asked the boys to put on a mini-workshop to teach us (me) how to fix our (my) bike on the trail! It is all fine and dandy to get your bike tuned up and tip top in the shop, but what do you do when the %$#@ hits the fan in the bush? So, they are going to put on a 'Macgiver your bike' night as soon as I can round up a crew to join me in the next couple of months. Perhaps we will learn some new uses for duct if interested:


Q: How much protein should I be eating? And what else besides tofu can I eat for vegetarian protein? Thanks! Sarah (Ok I made this one up...I admit it...but it is a very interesting topic)

A: Such a great question Sarah! The current recommended daily caloric intake for healthy adults is 55-65% carbohydrates, 15-20% protein, 20-30% fat (with no more than 10% of this coming from saturated fat), 64-80 oz of water and specific amounts of vitamins and minerals. Athletes and individuals with specific health needs, however, may require different amounts of these nutrients.

Macronutrient comprised of chains of “building blocks”, known as amino acids.


AVERAGE PERSON-NON ATHLETE: 12-20% of daily food value or 0.8grams of protein, per kilogram of body weight, per day.
ENDURANCE ATHLETES: 1.2-1.6 g/kg/day
POWER ATHLETES: 1.6-1.7g/kg/day

Proteins are essential for the development and repair of body tissues including tendons, ligaments, muscles, and skin. Protein is also imprortant for the synthesis of hormones, enzymes and antibodies that keep our body systems running smoothly. As well, proteins are digested more slowly than carbs and will leave you feeling full longer. Aim for 2-3 palm sized servings of lean protein per day.

Some examples of high protein foods are:
1 Egg 7 g
3 oz Tuna 24 g
3 oz Chicken Breast 30 g
2tbs Peanut Butter 9 g
½ C Cottage Cheese 12 g *scroll down for a BIG list of ideas for using cottage cheese*

Vegetarians need to consume foods that contain 'complimentary proteins' to ensure they are getting adequate amounts of ‘complete protein’ (all amino acids) every day. This is known as 'mutual supplementation'.

Did you know? Soy and Quinoa are the only 2 vegetable based protein sources that are 'complete proteins' with all the essential amino acids.

Examples of complimentary vegetarian proteins include:

Grains & Seeds: Bread with sesame seed spread, rice with sesame seeds
Grains & Milk: Cereal with milk, pasta with milk or cheese
Grains & Legumes: Rice and beans, legume soup with bread


If you can do dairy, than cottage cheese is a great option: high in protein, low in fat (choose 1% or 2%), great source of calcium and very versatile. Here are some ideas that our Bootcamp recruits came up with to combine with cottage cheese:

  • Combine with green peas, fresh grated parmesan cheese
  • Atop a fresh green salad, with chickpeas and sunflower seeds
  • As a dip for cut raw veggies
  • Mixed with Pineapple
  • In place of half the milk in pancakes
  • Baked into lasagna or any recipe calling for cheese
  • Mix with applesauce
  • Mix with equal parts tuna and serve in a sandwich
  • Mix equal parts CC and favourite flavour of yogurt, top with fruit.
  • Mix equal parts CC and salsa, serve with tortilla chips
  • Lay out deli style low fat ham or turkey, spoon CC on top, top with a slice of tomato or cucumber, season with s&p, roll and eat.
  • Mix over med. heat for a few mins, 1/2c CC, chopped tomatoes, chopped fresh basil, 1/2 clove of garlic crushed. Toss with hot pasta.
  • CC pancakes. 2-3 eggs, 1c CC, honey or 2 teaspoons of sugar, 1c uncooked oatmeal. Place ingredients (in order) into a blender. once mixed, cook as you would pancakes. Optional ingredients, banana, cinnamon, vanilla. Eat plain or top with fruit or syrup
  • Mix 1/2c CC, fresh herbs(basil, chives), s&p to taste, serve over a hot baked potato.
  • Scoop potato out of baked potatoes and mix with equal parts CC, season with s&p, add chives. Fill potato skins, top with a spoonful of CC place under broiler for a few min.
  • Use CC instead of meat for a vegetarian enchilada.
  • With oatmeal and fruit for a breakfast bake-see the recipe below from a Bootcamp Survivor:
    'The recipe'2 eggs, beaten3/4 c milk or yogurt1 c oats1 small apple, diced (or other fruit)vanillacinnamonPreheat 350ยบ, mix together, pour into buttered pie plate, bake 30-40 minutes, let cool a bit.

Perhaps you have another favorite use for cottage cheese? Send it my way and I will add it to our we aim to reach 100 ways to use cottage cheese!


Friday, February 20, 2009

A Week of Photos

It has been an amazing week for playing outside...sunshiney blue sky days every day! Here is my week in pictures...backwards starting from today cause that is how they loaded!

2hr Tomato Creek Brick with Dr. John and Pascale...

Here is the view from the top of Tomato Creek Hill...what a day!

Here I come! Up Up Up...the sunshine made it much easier:)

Then it was onto the bikes for our second trip up and over the Hill...
From the summit it is all downhill once again! Yeehaw!

ELM Women 8th annual 10K Training Clinic Kicked off with close to 30 participants! It was a great ZONE5 hill repeat workout...and after a 6 set POWER workout at Bootcamp this morning I must say my legs are close to toast day tomorrow!
Here is the crew listening to my chit chat at Extreme Runners...
Wow...don't they look amazed and inspired by their presenter? Below I am wearing our super fast ELM Race Jersey...

And here is this years Times Colonist 10K clinic shirt...In Black!

An official sign that spring is around the corner and winter is winding down...hello little daffodils!
Wednesday morning Crew producing some serious steam...we should harness that steam power! The sunrise makes everything easier...

Sunrise Bootcamp actually got to see the start of the sunrise for the first time this week! We are getting our first look at each other now that the light is upon us:)) Here is the crew working on balance with a single leg lunge in sand. There were echos of our 'super set' workout on Thursday morning. 5 Arm exercises 2 sets back to back...then 5 power leg exercises...then CORE...oh, with a set of lines and hill sprints mixed in of course...

We had a visitor at our morning track workout on Monday...Can you see him? Settled into the background on the right is our newest addition to the crew...Big Swan. He was HUGE! You really have no idea how massive those birds are until one lands beside you!
That's it that's all. Great week guys! Thank you for playing along with my photo are all great sports:) Can't wait to do it all again next week...
Friday Q&A will take place on Saturday this week so check back!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quote for Wednesday:

Procrastination (read this then get outside)

In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.
- Theodore Roosevelt

Monday, February 16, 2009


Hola Amigos!

Today is the final day to pre-register for the annual ELM women 10K Clinic that begins this Thursday! The clinic is growning by the minute and I am super stoked for another great 10-week training program leading up to the Victoria Times Colonist 10K in April.
Head down to Extreme Runners (436 5th) today or go to and look on the services page for online registration.
Can't wait!
SUNDAY was another day in paradise...kinda like today! Just look at that beautiful bluesky! Pascale and I had a great time playing up at Tomato Creek again...warm afternoon sun...amazing vistas perched on arbutus filled ridges above Comox Lake....I think there will be more TC climbs in my future...until that snowline starts dropping!
Have a fantabulous week!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


This post isn't really about Valentines is more about food than anything! (you may find this ironic following fridays post about leaning down to speed up...but if you pay close attention you will see the caloric balance that is between the lines...)

Starting with my cooking class at Beyond the Kitchen door. Guest Chef Wes Erickson owner of Sushi Mon and commercial fisherman spoiled us with a seafood feast. Yes, folks, this is what I consider quality Friday night leisure time...I don't get out much but when I do I really go hard! I ate my first RAW oyster! I almost chickened out...but dug deep trying to swallow my fear and step up to the was actually really nice! So I had 2 more:) They were extra small and in a beautiful soysauce with a slice of lemon...

The feast went on from there with cold smoked white spring salmon...ceviche halibut and terriyaki glazed salmon...and tempura fried strawberries for dessert. I was so done after that. ... and...

SO ready for a 2hour run Z1 at Seal Bay Park this morning! (AHR 160bpm) You had better believe I had lots of energy to burn this morning after last nights feast...and running with superstar Audrey sure made the time fly by:)
We talked about lots of great things and she distracted me with tales from her childhood...check out Audreys 'top 40 memories' on her blog... as she celebrates the big 40! The best part of the run was when Audrey showed me her new bike! She is sponsored by tuperware now so that is how she got that great rat trap set up...

Climbing on the new rig...
Showing me how the aerobars work...
Look at that! What a pro! I wish I had a BUSH PILOT sponsorship! Or was it a rockhopper?

After the run I was stoked to find Brads sauna all fired up and ready for a post run stretch and sweat! So I climbed in with my fresh baked banana bread, a litre of water and a copy of Westworld ( I learned the hard way not to take Runners World or any mag that is glued together into the sauna). 30 minutes later I caught myself snoring and decided to head inside for lunch...


Just look at that! I tell you it is good enough to turn a carnivore into a veg head! I was getting tired of paying $12 for a box of veggie burgers so I decided to do what the hippies do and make my own. And it was a huge success. I thought it would take forever and be super complicated but it wasn't!! I divided this recipe into 3 from the ReBar bible and it made 3 huge patties...

Saute the following:

2tbs veg oil

1 onion chopped

1tsp salt

4 garlic cloves minced

2tbs thyme , 1/2 tsp chile flakes(I went with chipotle)

6 cups sliced mushrooms

Then when they are all cooked down, splash in 2tbsp balsamic vinegar (I used dark beer). Set aside then combine with:

1.5 cups cooked brown rice

1.5 cups grated carrot

1 cup toasted pecans

Pulse all of this in a food processor ... should be combined but still coarse in texture.

Mix in a bowl with 2 cups of breadcrumbs

1/2tsp pepper, 1/4 tsp tobasco, 2tbs soy sauce

Shape into patties and cook like burgers! I did mine up with old white cheddar, avocado, tomato and spinach...unreal!



Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Q&A and Fresh Trax

Happy Friday!
Wooohoo what a beautiful blue sky day! Got some fresh tracks today...on my mountain bike that is! Just got home from a fun ride up Tomato Creek ... but this time the trail was partially covered in 4 inches of snow. For some strange reason no one else had been riding up we got to break trail so to speak:)
Superstar Pascale quickly changes a lightening speed! Maybe we should be AR teammates?
The week has been most excellent and here is my training log so far:
Monday- yikes ... unscheduled REST day!
Tuesday- strength at Bootcamp Core and Flex at SCORE
Wednesday- 30 min row and 30 minute spin :: 4 minute AT intervals...eesh. 4 at upper Z3 and 2 at lower Z3...times 3!
Thursday- strength at Bootcamp and Zone5 Run Intervals with Need for Speed. Max speed intervals over a 90second time trial ... with an incline at the end! YUCK but we did it! Talk about going to the max. I am sure it was tempting but there were no pukers in the group:p
Friday- bike 1.5 XC
Saturday -run 2hrs Z1
Sunday - ride 2hours XC
Q: Will losing a few pounds make me a faster runner?
A: Hell YA!...well actually, that depends...
Yes, if you are carrying excess body fat then you are requiring more energy to propel your body forward, up and over. But, of course, you must balance your weight goals with your training goals and watch that you do not compromise on your fueling plan in order to quickly shed a few pounds.
We exercise for a wide range of reasons: feels good, mental health, challenge, social time etc. But most people share a common reason - weight management along with good overall health. So, what if you began to train for a marathon and found yourself gaining weight? It can happen and has happened to many people!! How??? you say. I call it 'overcompensation' and it tends to be more common with women (the theory is because women tend to be more in 'tune' with their 'set point' but that is another topic)
I believe problem is created by a combination of increased hunger, heightened awareness of 'fueling' practices, and increased sense of entitlement: 'I can eat more cause I ran more!'. Next thing you know the scale isn't moving or worse it is moving in the wrong direction!
But never too can tip the scales with a few simple changes to your nutrition practices. Whether you only have 2 pounds or 20 pounds to shed, the same advice applies and you must make small, consistent changes to get the results you want- without compromising your performance.
Below I have listed 2 ways to address your nutrition: The first are a list of 10 simple ways to decrease the calories you are consuming. The second deals with specific calculations to determine your caloric requirements. Use the tool that works best for you:)

1. Less body mass means less energy is required to propel your body forward, up and over.
2. Balance between body weight and adequate muscle mass is required.
3. Focus on decreasing body fat to athletic levels while maintaining muscle mass.
4. Nutritional requirements must never be compromised for weight loss or performance and health will be impaired.

For those who want simple, practical advice this is for you...
10 Tips for creating a 'caloric deficit'
Get focused, be disciplined and set yourself up for success!

1 Food log: start observing and recording your intake to become aware. On-Line Logs are available for instant calculations .
2 Learn to read labels and educate yourself about healthy food choices.
3 Design a weekly meal plan and stick to it. Success or failure is made at the grocery store.
4 Emphasize nutrient rich food choices and plan your meals around vibrant, colourful vegetables and fruits-5-10/day.
5 Cut Out Empty Calories: processed foods, fast foods, junk food and alcohol. This is one of the the easiest ways to create a deficit (or surplus).
6 Focus on Portion Control: Avoid overeating by eating slowly, using smaller plates, and starting with a smaller serving size. Don't eat if you are not feeling any degree of hunger.
7 Never skip breakfast or other main meals-under eating can be just as detrimental as overeating and cause your body to become 'fat-friendly'.
8 Consume low-density caloric snacks more often. These are usually high in air, water, fibre and will fill you up without filling up your fat cells.
9 Set yourself up for Success: Plan in healthy snacks to avoid overeating later (busy days, on the road etc).
10 Drink 8-10 cups of fluid per day.

For those who love the numbers...this is for you...

CALORIES: To Estimate your DAILY calorie requirement...
Determine your resting metabolic rate (RMR) : body weight times 10 =_________
Determine how many calories you will need for today’s structured activity: use a calories per minute/per pound of body weight chart
= ____________
Determine how many calories you need for your overall daily activity level:
Sedentary add 20-40% RMR =________
Moderately active add 40-60% RMR =________
Very active add 60-80% RMR =________
Add the answers from 1,2, and 3 to determine total daily calorie requirement.=________________

Calculate your daily calorie requirement=_________
Subtract approximately 500 calories per day. No less than 1200-1400cals/day= _______
Use a combination of expending additional calories and consuming fewer.

Calculate your daily calorie requirement AND protein requirement =________
Add approximately 2 calories per pound of body weight per day =________
Weight train 3 days per week with a muscle - hypertrophy program

Good luck!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009



The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their

-Eleanor Roosevelt

What's your dream?

I have a dream...
I am arriving at Maccu Picchu after hiking the Inca Trail with a group of fantastic sweaty, smiling, tired women. We trained, we came, we made it.

I have always had this vision in the back of my was there when I was brainstorming and creating my business back in the has been there all along as I have met and been inspired by 'lifestyle' athletes of all abilities...

And now, my dream is becoming a reality as we put the finishing touches on our 2010 Womens Trekking Adventure in Peru. Perhaps you will be part of the dream too! Watch for details on our March 7th information session on this trip of a lifetime.

Dream Big.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Wii Age

Cuteness is...Yuki on a snowy day!
Roll Yuki Roll! This ex-avalanche rescue canine just goes crazy for the white stuff...

What a beautiful day for a walk in the park with my buddy!

Well according to the $#@!#$$% Wii I aged 9 years today and I am officially 41 Wii years old....HA! What does that thing know anyways...

I took this Wii Fit fitness age test thingy at a clients home this afternoon and didn't fare too well (she was beyond tickled pink to be 10 years younger than me on the Wii). After the test it literally said to me: "Your balance isn't very good. Do you trip over your feet when you walk?" And then it gave me an age of 41years!
Have faith people...I am still your fearless fitness leader!