Friday, April 30, 2010


That's right folks!

Your very own ELM rockstars were the first women's team across the finish line at the Snow to Surf Relay this year! It was a tight race- back and forth between about 4 teams and neck and neck until the finish line but we managed to get across the line first! It is amazing that after 4hours and 8 different legs this race can be so close! We had a great time and I am so proud of our team for working hard but cheering even harder!

The girls got off to a great start and by the time they called my number at the trail run-mt bike transition we were only 1.5 minutes off the first place womens team. Liz rocked her ski, Lo killed the XC ski and Diana and Sue ran their guts out to keep us into 2nd place.

I did not want to lose any spots on my leg!

Last year I was passed by 2 or 3 women who were just hauling on big gears down the logging road. They were strong riders and I realized how far I had to go with my riding to be able to compete in this crazy sport. Those girls motivated me BIG time to actually train on my bike this year and see where I could take my biking fitness. And they had me riding scared at this years snow to surf!

I saw the first placed womens team leave...then TEAM ELM WOMENS number was called next! Lo was there with me and helping me reign in the adrenaline- it is amazing how hyped up it gets in these transition zones for what is a FUN and very silly race! 1.5 minutes later I was on the road and within 5 minutes my heart rate was hitting 185 and I was breathing like a freight train! I kept it up all the way to the pipeline and looking over my shoulder the entire time!

The ride went well and none of those girls caught me this year- so I reached my goal:) And bonus, I caught the first place rider right at the lake! We both pushed our kayakers into the water at the same time!

After the ride I rode my bike to Cumberland on the dump road to watch Audrey ride on her speedy bike. She had 3 spots to make up and she was 4 or 5 minutes behind the first place teams when she started her ride. She was a machine!

Audrey came into the canoe transition over a minute ahead of the next womens team! That girl is crazy fast:)

We were first womens team into the water at the airpark and our canoers were paddling scared I am sure! Their outrigger team mates were right behind them in the next boat and it was a close race. In the end our ladies beat them to the line and we toppled the usual 'wild women' champions to take first place!

Go Rani Go! She is running up the ramp to ring the finish bell after a long hard battle on the water:)

MEANWHILE down in Victoria another 20 women were representing ELM at the TC 10K. They rocked the course and the photos and race tales prove they had a wonderful time doing it! Way to go ELM Women!
Congratulations on your amazing times in Victoria ladies! Not only do you know how to have fun- but you can run fast too!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 23, 2010

GO ELM Women GO!


It is going to be a BIG weekend for Team ELM Women!

Between the Snow to Surf AND the TC 10K in Victoria we have nearly 30 ELM Women charging to the finish line and reaching for their goals this Sunday.

Sadly, I cannot (try as I might) be in too towns at I will miss the TC10K crew this year...looking forward to hear all of their race tales!

I am tackling the mountain bike leg of the S2S course tomorrow...and we have a 1st place Masters title to hold up!

I have had a crazy week of voodoo doll style injuries...subluxed my left ankle on Monday (like kinda dislocated it and couldn't get it back in the groove)...managed to re-strain my right ankle by compensating and limping on at Ascent with Kim and needles with CV Acupuncture and I am feeling much better.

Still I am wondering who is poking at my voodoo doll...

Team ELM Women strut their stuff training for the TC10K...

Shots from last year at the race start...

Go Marina and Michelle!

Yeah for Karen and Korky and Ngaire and Kim in the back!

My whole family came out bright and early to cheer on the Team...
Here is a video from the race start last year...listen...



· Water- 6oz/hour
· Last big meal an early dinner 4-5pm…high carbohydrates, low fibre, low fat, low protein. No alcohol
· Walk, easy run, or rest day
· Visualization
· Early to bed!


· Water 4oz/ 30 mins…follow pre-exercise hydration schedule
· Your normal routine at least 2 hours before the race start time. Light breakfast, easy to digest, high carb, low fibre, low fat, low protein. Small bowl oatmeal with raisins, banana with ½ bagel and pb, toast and honey or jam…
· Get there early - 45-60minutes before race start.
· Visualization
· Warm up! As you would normally for that distance. Longer race = longer warm up. 5-10mins walking, light jogging, finishing with some strides at race tempo.
Line up at the FRONT of your time category if possible. That way you will have less people to work through once the race starts.
Check out the video I posted on the ELM Facebook page- the race start from 2009 to get an idea of what it looks like...


· Think of your race distance in 3rds. First 1/3, slower than you know you can-hold back. This should feel easy. Second 1/3 should feel just right, comfortable yet challenging-race pace. Final 1/3, should be slightly more challenging-just outside your comfort zone. Push yourself to hold this pace, and finish strong. The key to a great race is starting slower than you want to!! Don’t get caught up in the chaos/adrenaline.
· Follow your fuel/hydration guidelines


· The 24 hours following your race is a critical time period. What you do immediately after your race will effect your recovery and dictate your ability to train (earlier) for your next event.
· Give yourself a pat on the back and then go for your cool-down. Slow aerobic activity such as a light jog or cycling for 10-30 minutes after (depends on length and intensity of event) is crucial. This active recovery should be purely aerobic 30-60% of your max HR and will help your body remove waste products and flush out toxins, as well as replenish your muscles with nutrients and oxygenated blood.
· Stretch lightly following your cool-down
· Follow your Fuel/Hydration Guidelines for post race recovery. Remember the 30minute window for glycogen super-loading!
· Have fun! Enjoy the day and take it easy!
· Keep hydrating throughout the day.
· Follow with a warm shower and cool-contrast rinses for aching muscles 4:1 unless there is inflammation. In this case use cool soaks.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Maxin and Relaxin

Here are some of my fav. pics from the Cumberland DH race today...

What a great weekend:)

Sometimes a little rain isn't such a bad makes you curl up on the couch with a good makes you sit closer to the makes you appreciate the unbearable heat of the wood sauna...

After last weeks XC race I am enjoying a ralitively relaxing and much needed recovery week. I felt pretty good after the race but definitely had some cobwebs to sweep out on Monday!

Monday I went with my Adventure Running clinic leaders for a scouting run in Cumberland ... we ran the XC 10k course plus some other new and v. fun trails such as Blue Collar...

Wednesday I rode my bike with the rats...on the 'virgin' ride of Al and Terry's completed new trail: Thirsty Beaver. It is unreal...over 800 feet of boardwalk...through the forest, over babbling brooks, across ravines and on top of old growth is an amazing run OR ride.

Thursday was speedwork on the road with the ELM Women 10K more week to go until the Victoria TC 10K!

Friday was a recki on the Snow to Surf mt bike course with Gen...I am glad we checked it out cause it is way longer than I remember! 25minutes of gravel road (grrr) and about 20 minutes of trail...pump up the slicks and get ready to hammer...race is next Sunday!

Saturday I FINALLY got reunited with my dirtsister Liz for a much needed mountain run above the dam. With a month to go until MOMAR squamish (and the Chief lurking) I have to get a few more good hill climbs in! We did a great one...up into the snow...spring down here but still winter up there... I was pleasantly suprised that I felt great during and after! Even after a LONG break from hard runs I am not far off track so that was a nice suprise.

Saturday afternoon I drank tea, read my book and worked on some new test recipes for the next edition of NRG : foods that will move you. Two new NRG ball recipes loaded with goodness AND pure cocoa! I tried them out on a few biker guinea pigs today and they all had rave reviews...stay tuned for the second edition!

Sunday...rode with my rats for a couple of hours then...hiked up the DH course to watch the carnage...I mean ACTION! Wow- they are brave men, women, boys and girls...amazing to watch...but SO painful to witness the many crashes! Everyone got back on their bikes but it hurts just to watch them all twisted upside down and backwards.

Here is a quick shot from about 3/4 down the course during the Intermediate men division runs...

Now it is time for tea and more of my book...

Hope you had a great weekend too!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

6 Week Sprint Triathlon Plans Online Now!

Spring is here and that means there is a sprint triathlon coming to a town near you! Mini-Tri's are not only a great way to get into the sport of triathlon but they are also a killer way to sharpen the more seasoned triathlete for the upcoming season!

Just in time for the local Comox Valley Tri-K, I have created 2 unique
6-week Sprint Training Plans for you. Check out the details and just click the 'add to cart' button when you are ready to 'tri' one out!!

Happy Training,

Sprint Triathlon Plans
Always wanted to race a Triathlon? Or do you want to make a serious commitment to setting a new Sprint Triathlon PR? ELM's online Triathlon training plans will ensure you reach your race goal.

Beginner Plan 6 weeks
The following program is designed for individuals seeking to complete their first sprint triathlon. Prerequisites for starting this program include: Ability to swim 100m front crawl, have a road safe bike and helmet and be able to jog for 5 minutes continuously.

This really is the 'anyone' can 'tri-it' sprint triathlon program! Be sure to follow the program as closely as possible so that you are physically prepared for your first triathlon. This includes sticking to set rest days in order to allow your body to recover and adapt to the training plan.

The program includes 2 days of running, swimming and biking each week. For those looking to increase the challenge slightly, there are two optional workouts each week: a 3rd run and a longer swim workout is included.
Package Includes: weekly training plan, ELM Training Manual and weekly Training Log.
 Add to Cart

Intermediate Plan 6 weeks
The following program is designed for individuals who are currently able to complete the sprint triathlon distances and would like to improve on their time.

Prerequisites for starting this program include:
Ability to swim 750m front crawl
Ability to ride 20km
Ability to run 10km

This is the program that will improve your sprint triathlon performance! Be sure to follow the program as closely as possible so that you are prepared for your sprint race in 6-weeks. This includes sticking to set rest days in order to allow your body to recover and adapt to the training plan.

Each week this program includes :
3 running workouts: including 1 high intensity speed or hill training
2 swimming workouts : including detailed weekly pool workouts from NCCP swim coach, Sarah Burrell
2 bike workouts: including hill training, endurance training and bricks
Package Includes: weekly training plan, ELM Training Manual and weekly Training Log.

 Add to Cart

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Comox Valley Record - Gutsy runner conquers sole-searing Route of Fire

Check out our superstar ELM Member Jen Joliffe on the front page of the sports section in todays paper! Jen you are an inspiration...thank you for sharing your story of determination!

Read the story and experience a taste of Jen's amazing journey running 6 days in Costa Rica...

Comox Valley Record - Gutsy runner conquers sole-searing Route of Fire

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cumberland XC Island Cup Report

Nikki, me and Gen enjoying the post race festivities...and sweeet sunshine!

How FUN was THAT??????

Seriously folks I had way more fun racing 30k on my mountain bike at the Cumberland XC Island Cup race this Sunday- than I ever could have expected.

I expected gross, nasty, lung and quad burning, cramping, brain fog, facial grimacing, gross nastiness. Of course there was a little of everything out there but it was WAY more enjoyable than I ever dreamed!

I felt great:) I didn't break anything and my bike didn't break anything. No bonking, no random cramping and no incapacitating fatigue. My third lap felt better than my first to tell the truth.

I owe it all to my type A personality of course- I followed my fueling plan to the 'T' (what does that T mean anyways?) and I am positive that is why I didn't crash and burn after 2.5hours at 80% maxHR.

I went for the (gasp) Expert category this time around. And although I would never claim to be an Expert at anything, let alone mountain biking, I needed the longer race course practice. It was fun to be in my own little world with little or no expectations.

Not having the experience to know quite what I can pull off on a bike race of this distance (without the running and kayaking mixed in) and not knowing anything about the racers around me I really had no filters on. I just worked on doing my own thing: Pushing where I am strong, maxing out my fuel plan and holding back enough to go the distance. I am sure the novelty will wear off but for now I really like the perspective that this lack of experience is offering me!

All my lap times were about the same - within 2 minutes so I was stoked about that. I felt like I got stronger as the laps went by. The last one was the best cause no one was around me and I got to go my own pace ... AND you know it is the last lap so you can push a bit harder to get er done!

The crazy part of the race was the start. 120? racers all took off up the logging road from the yellow Two and a Juice!

Seriously! It was like rollerbikingderby or something. The experienced racers knew exactly what was coming and sprinted up the hill like crazy to get to the single track ahead of the masses. I got rammed from behind, and blocked from the front and ended up waiting to actually get into the single track along with a huge bottleneck of ticked off adrenaline loaded antsy riders.

Once in the trail it was SO slow we all had to trackstand to create space to ride while the line trickled on ahead of us. Interesting to say the least.

One dude behind me actually had the *&^% to ask if he could PASS me while I was stuck in this endless line of bikers. And go, um, where?

Once we got on the road we all got our breathing space back but that was crazy crazy.

After a while you find your match ups- there were a couple of riders who were going almost exactly my pace and we hung out for laps at a time!

There was a huge range of abilities and it was super fun to see all the different riders, skills, bikes etc. V. friendly crowd and once again I was stoked to see how fantastic the trail etiquette is from these riders. Everyone is happy to make way or cheer you on as they go by.

The best part of the race came after the finish line however...

VEGGIE BURGERS! And Eatmore sprouts!! SOOOO what I needed after that big calorie burner! YUM that really hit the spot:)

A HUGE shout out to Jeremy and his team of volunteers! Well organized and FUN...what more could you ask for?

Race results are online:

What's next? Snow to Surf that's what!
Gotta go!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Whats this?? An abandoned BC BIKE RACE ribbon in the trails of West Sechelt? I came across this on my ride there...I was completely lost at the time and saw this in 2 lights: either I was on my way to civilization OR I was on my way to Gibsons...It turned out to be a long ride...

Don't ya just love Saturday's?

Even though I have been working on this flipping computer for the past 3 hours...I still feel the love.

I have just updated the ELM Calendar Page with our April class locations! CHECK IT OUT if you are planning to come out for any of our Fitness Adventures this month. There are still spaces available in all programs- but you need contact us to secure your spot before coming out!

I am stoked to announce that we will be offering our Outdoor Bootcamp program 5 days per week with 6 classes on the schedule!! In addition we have Learn to Run AND...

A recent opening in our Monday morning Semi-Private training group! All the benefits of Personal Training at a fraction of the cost... 7:30-8:30am on Mondays beginning next week. First email first serve...

TODAY I ran part and then rode all of the Cumberland XC course for tomorrow Island Cup race. I am happy to say that the mud is starting to congeal! Perhaps by tomorrow it will even be firm to the touch?

It should be a fantastic day for bike riding tomorrow and I am SO RELIEVED that the rain has stopped in time. Sleep in tomorrow, ride from 12-3:30ish...bbq at Miners Park in Cumby and sitting in the sweet sunshine! I can't wait!

Happy Trails,


Friday, April 9, 2010

Bike Bike Bike Run Run Run

Hola Amigos and Happy Friday!

Rain rain go away...that was going around and around in my head all week. After a solid week of training in the mud and rain and wind I was SO ready for that ray of sunshine we were blessed with on Thursday morning. It was like a sunbeam from the gods above!

I planned in a big week of aerobic miles to crash my aerobic system and force a much needed reboot and resynthesis. I missed out last Friday on my planned ride cause there was NO way I was going out in that storm! Our power was out most of the day, there were trees coming down on the highway and lights and sirens all over town. I enjoyed the rest and worked on some new
NRG recipes:)

Saturday- 3.75hr Brick: 2.25hr XC Ride and Snowpush in Cumby followed by a good 1.5hr mountain run up Stub and Grub into the snow...
Sunday-3.5hr Ride: 1.75 with my Rat Buddies then I went back out and rode the Cumberland Island Cup Race course and more...through the swamp monster, gumboot grabbing, tire sucking mud...
Monday-2.5hr Flat Run: Half on my own and then my girlfriends met me at Seal Bay Park for the second half...finished with cinnibuns and lattes at Becky's Backery...OH YEAH.
Tuesday- Holy rest Hana
Weds-3:15hr Brick: Run 1:15 Adventure Running scout run with lovely leader Lynn! Then it was a v. slow transition to the bike (layers and layers of mud and soggy clothes to deal with) and a ride with my Rat buddies. We probably rode for about 2 hours but it was actually a working party...of which I was happy to be a part of.

A few good Rats have been busy little Beavers up in the hills of Cumberland this winter and they have almost completed a fantastic multi-km XC mt bike trail that will be legendary v. soon. Epic boardwalk sections that twist and turn high above the swampy ground just seem to go on and is like a ride at the fair...then a grand finale bridge about 15 feet off the deck that takes you safely above a cascading waterfall...

We humped 4 foot cedar planks from spot A to spot B and hiked in a set of stringers for the boys. It was nice to be able to help with their load- small but hopefully enough to give them a little break. They have been spent countless hours days and weeks building this trail: Thirsty Beaver. Stay tuned!

By 8pm that night, when we returned to the parking lot, I had been in the rain, mud and storm for close to 4 hours.

I had mud in my teeth. I had mud in my nose. I am sure I had mud in all of my major crevices.

A hot shower and a steaming bowl of homemade chilli never felt so good...

Thursday: Run Speed: Intervals at the track with my ELM Womens 10K Clinic...

Friday: Today! What will today bring... a bike ride by the looks of things...2hrs...including the Snow to Surf route I am thinking...

All this biking is good for a girls soul I say. Although I am still feeling like Chicken Little on the downhills after my crash in Victoria, I can't help but smile every time I pull out my bike. I have been riding my big bike in this mud and muck and on these slippery slopes...but I must face the music and dig out my little Filly - Giant Anthem again soon. It wasn't her fault that I crashed in Victoria. Nope. That bike is capable of more than I can ever imagine should see what it can do when Brad is on it!

This weekend on Sunday, I will be completing the
Cumberland Island Cup XC 'race'. 12 noon - until? Based on the loop that Jeremy of Riding Fool has up his sleeve the laps will take me more than an hour each. If it rains they will be longer. I have no intentions of 'racing' this course at all. I am practicing my fueling and pacing for the Test - my goal race for 2010. If they let me do 3 laps and don't cut me off then I will be out there for 3-4hours...which is perfect training for the Test.

Teapot - Cumberland, BC from Kookjai Media on Vimeo.

Mt. Biking improvements, for me, are a slow and painful struggle. 2 steps forward and 1 or 2 steps back. But, much like surfing, one great ride, brings you back for more over and matter how painful it may be.

I envy the 'kahona's' that many of my riding buddies possess. And just when you think you are getting slightly better and more confident you come across a video like this one...

Enjoy! I love it. I have watched it over and over and can't get enough:)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hello ELM Friends!
Just a quick note to remind our local readers that this Thursday evening is the deadline to register for our Spring Fitness Adventures that begin next week!

Check out the April calendar and click on the links for more information on the programs. Be sure to drop off your registration form to Extreme Runners or sign up online before Thursday at closing time if you want to secure your spot.

This April we are offering all of our favorites:
Womens Trail Running - Monday mornings
Womens Learn to Run - Tuesday evenings
Outdoor Bootcamp - Tues/Thurs Sunrise, W/F evening **and we may be adding Monday evenings- stay tuned**
Baby Bootcamp- Tuesday mornings

Our May adventures have a slightly later deadline for the end of this month - but be sure to sign up early to save your spot in our popular trail running clinics: Adventure Running & Endurance Running! Both begin in early May.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Break Fast

( photo from our campsite on Kartoum lake NE of Powell River...)

Today, I have been working on the final edits of my first non-fiction book: Fit & Free. With any luck I will have it sent off to the printers this week and by next week I will have a real live proof in my hands!

The second chapter titled Learn the Facts, separates fitness and health myths and facts for the reader. There is so much conflicting information out there that I wanted to expel some of most common myths that I hear. One of the myths is about it relates to weight loss. I thought I would share it with you to give you a sneak peek:

Myth: Skipping breakfast will result in weight loss.
Fact: Eating breakfast is one of the easiest and most effective ways to meet your weight loss goals.

Skipping breakfast continues the ‘fasting’ cycle that begins during sleep and results in a lowered metabolic rate throughout the day. Notice how you aren’t hungry until 10-11-12 when you don’t eat breakfast on a regular basis? This is a sign of fasting. This loss of hunger is the result of your metabolic rate slowing down to conserve energy and save every gram of fat for later use which is not a very effective way to burn excess body fat.

After a night of sleeping, your body’s metabolism is at its lowest rate in the day. Consuming a healthy breakfast will actually increase your metabolic rate during the day and provide you with more energy to complete the days activities which, in turn, burns more calories throughout the day.

In the 2005 study by Wing & Phelen, mentioned earlier in this chapter, consistently eating breakfast was one of 4 common traits with members of the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR). Of the 4000 members who have successfully lost an average of 70 pounds and have kept off the weight for an average of 5 years, 78% reported eating breakfast everyday. Chew on that for breakfast!

Did you have breakfast today? Yes? Good. Ever thought about what that common word actually means for a moment? It comes from two words of course: Break. Fast.

Today I had a slice of my grandmas Irish Soda Bread (I make it in her memory on Easter now that she is gone) slathered with raspberry jam along with muselix cereal which was topped with almonds and soymilk. Of course there was a cup of H20 and a cup of tea along with breaky.

I had a long run 2.5Z1 in the works so I wanted to make sure that my carbohydrate intake was substantial enough to top up my energy stores before heading out on the long run.

When you sleep your body gobbles up it's stored glycogen (storage form of the Carbs you eat) from your muscles and liver. You are close to 75% depleted by the time you wake up from a restful sleep. That is the FAST of breakfast.

You cannot expect your body to perform endurance exercise happily under a depleted state. You wouldn't try to drive to Victoria on a 1/4 tank of gas - well maybe if you have a SMART car, I don't know...

Do your body and your performance a favor and don't forget to BREAK fast every morning!

Happy Easter!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Let's try this blog thing again...

Well, hello there friends!

I have made a few attempts to post pics from my adventures over the past week or so but blogger was having none of it. That is my excuse for being a tardy blogger and I am sticking with it! LOL!

I had a fantastic whirlwind adventure (and mega ferry rides) during my week off. Here is the snapshot:

Saturday- reassessed my bike lactate and Z1 run results at Peak Performance...good things are happening inside the cells of my body but much more work is needed! This is why we check in and why re-assessing is as important (or more so) as initial assessments.

Sunday- NCCP Cycling Coach Certification - Mt Bike Skills & Tactics at the South Surrey Mt. Bike park. Ever been there? What a little gem! V. small trail area but packed with logs and bridges and a sweet little trials park where you can work on your manuals, skinny's and drops and all that fun stuff:) We definitely are lacking in the practice-fun park department here in the Valley...putting the mission on my list! Met some great people from a wide range of bike backgrounds. V. good day indeed. Got home after 10pm then...

Monday- Back on the boat but this time to Powell River and the Sunshine Coast! We spent the week exploring by truck, canoe, salomon sneaker and bike...found some amazing scenery, delicious bakery's and fantastic trails. WAY too many people south of Sechelt for us, however! Now we know...Gibsons is a suburb of Vancouver! I even saw a Hummer outside of Molly's kidding.

Last weekend I got a good run and ride in and then Monday I got back to the business of fitness training with a light heart and fresh brain. :))

Registrations are pouring in for our Spring classes and I am stoked to get them off and running in 2 weeks time. Check out the ELM Calendar for a preview of all good things to come this month.

Starting with MOMAR 101 next Saturday, April 10th! That's right! The first MOMAR adventure race of the season is just over 1 month away and if you have ANY questions about how to prepare or what the heck you need to do to put in a solid performance then be sure to sign up for this fun course. It is one of my favorite courses to teach and you will be spoiled with all of my tips and tricks for a successful (and fast) MOMAR race.

Next weekend will be a busy one with MOMAR 101 on Saturday and the Cumberland XC Island Cup bike race on Sunday! Can't wait for that one- sleep in, no commuting, local knowledge and the best post-race pub grub on the Island! I hope there are more girls there than turned up in Victoria...common ladies let's rock the Cumby course!

Today...great ride with supergirl Kelly...but crazy old man winter was playing trix on us again! We had to push up to flippin Bear Buns...push DOWN then slide all over the place at the bottom. Still FUN of course:) but how come we were riding clear up to Forbidden in January and now we are in slurpy land?!

We pieced together a XC ride and explored some of the newer lower trails that our busy Cumby beavers have been carving out this winter. Although the road up looks like something from Mad Max and the lower trails smell like one of my helipads on a fire (cedar and gas), there are some fantastic new trails and loops in Cumberland already. I am stoked for this season Adventure Running clinic and all the new routes we can do!

After about 2:15 on the bike, Kelly went home and I went for a 90 minute mountain run up Stub and Grub...made it to the top but had to hike through deep snow at the top. Turned around and ran back down the same way...then made a fun route via Bonzai Pipeline...following me? You must be from around here then:)

Red wine and dark chocolate are the worlds best late night recovery fuels..did you know that? Google it...or just believe me and go pour yourself a (SMALL) glass:) You have to train tomorrow!