Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Active Comox Valley

I have been part of a small but passionate volunteer committee for Active Comox Valley since it began in 2005. It's purpose is to increase the physical activity levels of Comox Valley residents. Plain and simple. ACV has identified the biggest barriers that Valley residents have to getting more physical activity- limited income, limited opportunities, lack of transportation, etc. ACV has been behind the scenes and at the front lines of many local events and initiatives in conjunction with a big group of great local partners.

Check out ACV online,read the FREE activity guide, visit the local ACV Lending Library full of fun fitness equipment, join the fb page for free give-a-ways and be sure to check out the series of local maps for endless walking and biking ideas in the! Also be sure to watch for the next series of Thrifty Foods Nutrition Seminars including the popular 'Grocery Store Tour'...brought to you by ACV &! WOW that is a lot of FREE stuff!

Coming up next from ACV:

Take part in Active Comox Valley’s FREE Walk and Wheel-a-thon

As part of the provincial Move for Health Day celebrations, Active Comox Valley is putting on a free Walk and Wheel-a-thon on Saturday, May 7 at 10 a.m. at the Courtenay Airpark – registration starts at 9:30 a.m with a warm-up commencing just before 10. Bring the whole family and your bike, trike, roller blades, scooter, stroller, buggy or chariot. Whether you choose to walk or roll around the airpark, it will be guaranteed fun for all ages and abilities. The route is also wheelchair accessible and dogs are welcome as long as they are leashed. Pre-registration is not required, however be sure to sign in onsite so you will be eligible for some great prizes!

“Being active is a key part of staying physically and mentally healthy and Active Comox Valley’s mandate is to ensure we can also make it low-cost, easy and fun too,” said Active Comox Valley
Co-ordinator Robyn Butler. “All you need to do is bring your gear and get ready to move and have fun.”

Move for Health Day was designated by the World Health Organization in 2002 as a worldwide day of physical activity. The BC Recreation and Park Association (BCRPA) in collaboration with various physical activity stakeholders has spearheaded the organization of this year’s Move for Health Day activities and encouraged municipalities across the province to get British Columbians moving.

Light refreshments will also be offered and participants are encouraged to bring their own water and sunscreen.

For more information about Active Comox Valley, visit or call (250) 890-9116.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I am not a Ninja

I am not a Ninja. Actually, I have felt more like a Goat Head this past week after letting mother nature beat the crap out of me.

Last Weds I was having WAY too much fun and going WAY too fast on 'Steamdonkey' when I did an endo over my handlebars and went sailing into the salal only to meet up with a hung up log at perfect chest height. Umph. Ever had the wind knocked out of you? I don't recommend ramming chest first into a log, like, ever. After letting out a Friday the 13th scream and scaring the daylights out of my riding buddies, I was left panting like a hyperventilating animal on the side of the trail. The best part was the whiplash and MVA style symptoms I had for the next 5 days. Woah slow down girl!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Off the grid and back again

Long time no blog! Life is busy but oh-so-good:) This morning I felt real sunshine on my face at Sunrise Bootcamp...what a fantastic way to start the day! Even though mother nature is being a little stingy on the temperature, all of the other signs of spring are popping up. Daffodils bobbing their heads in the wind...birds bellowing out early-morning-happy shoots poking up their heads along the side of the trail...and glorious sunshine teasing us between hail and wind intervals. Spring has sprung! Brad and I took off for a week to get off the grid and spend some time with mother nature. We went up to Desolation Sound in our little boat and camped out on one of the islands spending our days boating and prawning and our evenings perched by the fire. The only sounds we heard were that of a waterfall pouring into the ocean, geese flying overhead, seals snorting in the bay and the wonderful Canadian sound of the lonesome loon:) A wonderful (albeit cold and sometimes wet:) week to recharge. Mother nature has so much energy to share...

When I came home it was time to kick off our Spring Programs and we are having a blast so far! Check out the ELM calendar for a list of our outdoor class locations and drop in on us anytime! Bootcamp, Baby Bootcamp, Learn to Run and the 10K clinic...and more!

Had a great time teaching the next generation of Adventure Racers at the MOMAR 101 clinic last weekend in Cumberland. My favorite way to spend the day- talking about AR to peeps who actually want to listen! LOL we had fun and I know that these MOMAR racers will have a fantastic race!

There is a great bike course coming up this Sunday with Big Dog Biking in Cumberland:: MOMAR 201 is a 4 hour workshop that covers the technical skills needed to complete the mountain biking portion of a sprint Adventure Race such as the MOMAR. Check it out and see if there is still room!

As for my own training things are coming along and I am having fun playing in the dirt once again. I am SO done with snow! Believe it or not we are still running into the white stuff on our runs and rides and I am itching to go higher and higher- but that snow line is holding steady.

Trail runs are hovering around 3+hours with some back to back long ones along with run:bike bricks and fun mounatain bike rides. Good times all around!

With MOMAR coming up at the end of May it is time to up the brick workouts, play with the compass and drag-my-butt - I mean jump - into the kayak:) The weather has been less than inspiring so hopefully things warm up and the wind dies down a bit this weekend.

I just noticed that I haven't posted my races on the blog yet...I have been a little mysterious as I have had a few different ideas for my race season this year...I am planning on trying something new this year...I will need to commit by the end of the month so stay tuned...

Melt Melt Melt!

Happy Trails,