Thursday, September 1, 2011

August in Pics

It is amazing how much cool stuff you can do when you aren't running LOL.

August has been wonderful and I have packed 3 months of summer into the past 4 weeks quite easily:) Finally the sunshine and heat have arrived and post Death Race I have had plenty of time on my hands to enjoy it. Still not running (well, OK I started my ROCK program yesterday Run 1: Walk 4 yipppee!) close to 5 weeks since the CDR but I can do lot's of other fun stuff like bike, kayak, garden and lounge:) Here is my month in pics, along with 2 short videos at the end, including the start line at the CDR:) Goodbye August, you were awesome in many ways...

Cycling to the winery with good friends...

Processing tonnes of Sockeye:)

Getting creative with my Salmon recipes- Edamame Salmon Dill burgers anyone?

Harvesting the bounty of our little garden- beautiful garlic!

More salmon...the smoker was working overtime!

Backyard market- strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, squash, apples, tomatoes, swiss chard, spinach, peppers, beans... it is amazing what you can grow in your yard!

Watch out the tomatoes are coming!

Bootcamp with the most amazing sunrises of the year...

Sunsets from Tree Island...

Sunrise from my new kayak...

Paddling 'to Hornby' with friends on the calmest day of the year:) Unbelievable!

Yoga on the beach with Anthea Brown:)

Lole Womens Meet Up in the Park:) Check out the fun video below of our Meet Up:) See- fitness can be fun!


Here is a clip from the start line of the Canadian Death Race...all full of promise and butterflies...