Saturday, January 28, 2012

Team ELM Kicks Snow at the Yeti!

Woooot Wooot! Team ELM takes first place in the Mt Washington YETI Sprint Course!

Nice work Team ELM! What a fun day up on the mountain:) It was a windy and cold one but in the end this years Yeti was just as fun as years past. We had a rockin' roster looking for a good time and nearly everyone took home a medal in their individual categories! Solid results! You can check the complete results out on the Yeti website which should be updated in the next day or so...

Congrats to Team ELM- thanks for coming out!
Shauna Connaughton- first place woman overall in the 5k!
Lynn Swift- 2nd place in her cat!
Kerri Brownie- all smiles in her first snowshoe race!
Deborah Adams- first place in her cat!
Gail Martindale- first place in her cat!
Sarah Burrell- woootwooot!
Greg Young- 3rd place in his cat!
John Wall- 2nd place in his cat!
Debbie Wright- way to go!

This years course was completely different from previous years and personally, I liked it much better! Instead of a nasty epic climb off the start, we got to enjoy some downhill, some undulating single track and much less extreme elevation changes. Much more flow and better views along the way. On the first section of downhill single track I fell into a tree well and got stuck up to my hip! Dragged myself out and heard the guy behind me groan when he fell in after me!

After what seemed to be forever and ever, we came to the ponds and made our way back to the Raven lodge on the home stretch. A little hill to the finish line was a bit mean, but made for a good lung burn to get across the line. The longest 5k you will ever run!

Every year I taste blood at the finish line and get a good smokers cough going for a day or so following that race. That is how I know I was pounding the VO2max and exploding the little alveoli in my lungs. It's a good thing! Great start to the year and a killer workout to force the body out of long slow mode.

Good times, great organization, fabulous volunteers (THANK YOU), lots of prizes and a great atmosphere...see you next year!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wow...Top Personal Trainer...again!

Local Fitness Professionals, Voted Number One in Western Canada.

Two Comox Valley fitness professionals have recently been awarded top honors by Get Out There Magazine in the national 2011 Peoples Choice Awards. Sarah Seads of Equilibrium Lifestyle Management (ELM) was voted Best Personal Trainer in Western Canada and Island Pilates and Fitness (IPF) received the top spot for Best Yoga/Pilates Studio in Western Canada.

IPF owner, Leanne Zdebiak-Eni was thrilled to receive so many votes for her Pilates and fitness studio which has been operating in the Comox Valley for 9 years. “I was blown away when I heard the news, especially as I wasn’t even aware of this contest. Thank you to everyone who voted for us and I must express my gratitude to our exceptional team of instructors. Without their professionalism, commitment and dedication, IPF would not be the vibrant studio that it is today” said Zdebiak-Eni.

Sarah Seads was stoked to learn she had received the Best Personal Trainer award for the 2nd time since 2009. “Being based out of such a small community, it was an awesome surprise to receive this award once again. It warms my heart to know that so many of our clients took the time to vote for us. I am continually grateful to be a part of such a supportive community!”

You can learn more about these top fitness professionals by visiting their websites at and



Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't be that Awkward Runner!

Have you ever seen yourself run?

Now is your chance to have your running gait analyzed so you can start 2012 on the 'right foot'! Sign up for ELM's Run Tech Workshop this Sunday, January 15th (today is the DEADLINE)...become more efficient and stop being an 'awkward runner' LOL!

Included in this 2 hour specialized workshop:

Biomechanical Video Analysis of your Running Technique
Introduction to Biomechanics of Running & Mid-Foot Running Technique
Introduction to Barefoot Running-Why? & How?
Specific drills to strengthen and train efficient running technique
Personalized Exercise Prescription to address muscular imbalances and improve running efficiency, strength and speed
ELM Running Clinic Manual, Individual Analysis Results & Video link

Check out all of the workshop details on the
ELM website...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lose It!

How is it going folks?

Still focused on the prize? Are your goals still crystal clear? I hope is only January 10th LOL!

If weight management is on your list of goals for 2012 then you are not alone. Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is on everyone's mind this time of year. And so it should be- all year! We know the benefits of staying at at healthy weight- I don't have to preach to the choir so to speak. Go ahead and list 5 health benefits right now...

So we all know WHY...

And really, we all know the basic formula for HOW...calories in vs calories out... you need to create and stick to your personal calorie budget. How do you know what your budget is? The simple answer is:

If you are gaining weight and you don't want to, you are over budget.

If you are losing weight and you don't want to, you are under budget.

Simple right? Well...that is cuz it is.

I know I know... you 'eat really well'...and 'eat really healthy'...and 'rarely eat junk food'...Good for you- that is awesome! is not only WHAT you eat...but WHEN you eat...and most importantly HOW MUCH you eat.

No whining that your calorie budget is so much smaller than your friend Susie or your husband John...genetics are a b*&^% LOL. Of course you can alter your metabolic rate with more exercise, eating frequent small meals, increasing muscle mass, training your body to burn more fat as fuel etc... But you still need to work within your own personal budget.

If it is accountability and a reality check that you need then you are in luck! There are a wide range of fantastic online programs that track activity and nutrition and give you instant feedback on your progress. My two faves are:

So easy to effective...and such simple tools for reaching your goals! Some people find they need to track their activity and food intake over the long term in order to stay within their healthy budget. Is that so bad? I don't think so. I think that is a small price to pay for long term success, health and longevity. We are always told to track our finances, stick to a budget and stay focused on our financial goals each day/week/ why do we beat ourselves up when we need to use the same system for our weight? You can't always do it on will power alone- don't believe that for a minute! There are great tools out there...don't judge your happy when you find something that works and go for it!

Cheers and happy weight management,


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January Fitness Adventures

Last week to register for all of ELM's January Fitness Adventures!

The power of a group is, accountability, friendly competition, comraderie, energy and inspiration are all part of this power.

The ELM trainers and fearless leaders are ready to to rock and help you along your 2012 fitness journey! ELM has plenty of group fitness options for you to choose from this winter so check out the pics below and follow the links for complete details on the ELM website.

Don't delay your registration if you plan to join us for fun, group fitness this winter...sign up today to secure your spot!

NEW: Run Tech Workshop Sunday, January 15th 9:30-11:30am. Running Video Analysis, Technique instruction and Exercise Prescription. Topics include biomechanics, mid-foot stride, introduction to barefoot running, drills and strength exercises. Space is limited so register early! Deadline January 11th!

Need for Speed & Yoga Part 2: Thursdays Run from 5:30-7:00 with Yoga from 7:05-8pm. Starts this Thursday and runs for 6 weeks. Some space still available- contact ELM fmi!

Baby Bootcamp! Tuesdays 9:30-10:45am January 10-March 13. Deadline this Friday and spaces are filling up quickly!

Womens Learn to Run Clinic! Tuesdays 5:30-7:00pm January 10-March 13th. Deadline this Friday. Complete beginners and Novice runners welcome!

SCORE! Core and stretch class: Wednesdays 7-8am January 11-March 22. Deadline this Friday. This is the perfect combination to address muscular imbalances- stretch the tight and strengthen the weak.

Fitness Bootcamp: Mondays 5:00-6:15pm, Tuesday/Thursday Sunrise 6:00-7:15am starts January 9th...deadline this Friday!

ELM Members Only Annual Snowshoe Hike and Feast at Coastal Trek Lodge!! Saturday, February 4th, 1:30-9:00pm

Want something you don't see? Let us know! The squeeky wheel get's the grease...

Happy Trails!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Clear Vision

Happy New Year!

I hope you are as excited about this year as I am:)

What does the coming year have in store for you? Well, that, my friend, is up to you:)

It is time to look ahead and create a clear vision of your future!

You know what to do...but here is a reminder:

  • Dream Big. ANYTHING really is possible with time, smart training and determination.

  • Set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Recorded, Time-Bound). Pull out a calendar and pick your events/dates. Identify them in order of importance (A/B/C).

  • Identify your limiting factors (speed, strength, endurance, skill, etc) and set medium term goals that will help you over come these and prepare you for your BIG goals.

  • Create an Action Plan of short term goals that will get you moving and help you take daily steps in the right direction. Setting weekly goals will keep you on track and help you stay focused over the long haul.

You can do it. How bad do you want to, is the real question?
The power of positive intention is undeniable. Whether it is the 'universe' or simply the effect of keeping your goals at the front of your mind, having a clear vision of your intention is a key step.

  • Make a list of your goals and post them on the fridge.

  • Create a screen saver on your computer with a list of your goals or powerful images that remind you of them.

  • Or, create a vision board and put it somewhere you will see every single day. That reminder may be all you need to keep moving forward towards your goals.

Vision Board
Creating a vision board is a very simple but very powerful experience. This is a project that we often complete during our fitness retreats and our participants really enjoy the process as much as the outcome. Here is how you do it:

You will need:
Pile of your favourite magazines.
Poster board
Scissors/glue/tape etc.

Cut out images and text that resonate with you and remind you of your goals. Arrange them on the board however you are inspired to. Put it somewhere you will see it everyday!

Here is my vision inside peek into my personal dreams and goals! It is on my office door and I look at it every day...and it inspires me every time I see it!