Friday, October 31, 2014

Videos: Weekend Film Fest! Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
I hope you are having fun and getting your ghouls and goblins on tonight!  Here are some Halloween inspired videos for you on this spooooooooky Friday night!  Have fun out there!

Liam Murphy: After Dark c/o MTB4her  Biking Tricks after dark...

 This is Downhill by Martin Gruja.   Unicycle vs Truck?  Terrifying to say the least! How the heck does he do that??  Thanks to the Adventure Blog for sharing!

The Ginger Runner: Running Trails at Night. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Perseverance 2014 Race Report

The 10th annual Perseverance Trail Run was a huge success with 350 racers, 70 volunteers, countless sponsors and supporters coming together this past weekend to raise funds once again for the Cumberland Community Forest Society. For this special 10th anniversary run, an anonymous donor will be matching 100% of the proceeds raised for the CCFS. The race was followed with a special After Party for the Forest including a massive silent auction and raffle. The total raised from this exciting 10 year celebration will be announced very soon. The CCFS is a local society working to purchase and protect forest lands in the Cumberland area.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Videos: Weekend Film Fest!

Happy Weekend!  
I hope you got out to play in the puddles today like I did:).  The trails are beautiful right now...tacky singletrack and the biggest range of colours we get to see all year.  Get out and enjoy it!  You're not made of sugar...sorry...hate to be the one to break it to you, sugarcube;)

Onward with the weekend!

en Morgen pa Stranda   from Ryan Harris.  I stumbled upon this film today and it is lovely.  A short film that portrays the great beauty of a simple mountain run on a regular morning in Norway.  Enjoy!
en Morgen på Stranda from Ryan Harris on Vimeo.

Huayhuash from Joey Schusler.  The bike adventure of a lifetime.  Awesome.  Thanks to National Geographic for sharing this one.
Huayhuash from Joey Schusler on Vimeo.

And one for the bikers...and dog lovers!  Watch Casey Brown and Poppy the Dog rip it up! Thanks to the Adventure Blog!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Videos: Weekend Film Fest!

Happy Friday Friends!
I hope you are looking forward to a weekend celebrating thanks with your family and friends!  Here are a few great video's to remind us all how lucky we really are to be a part of this great world and this great life.

This weeks video's have a Euro flare...we are dreaming of a BIG adventure in the Alps and have the mountains on our minds...

Some questions for ya:
Do you dream of running in the Alps? ELM is working on our next big travel adventure and would love your thoughts!
If so:
Would you join a 7-8 day trail running camp/retreat in the Alps? 15-25km/day on mountain trails in one of the most scenic places on earth.
If Yes, would you consider this retreat for July of 2015?
Would you prefer to run the famous UTMB route or travel to more 'off the beaten path' trails?
Would you like to experience a Euro trail or sky race as part of this type of adventure?

If you know someone that may be interested in this running adventure please pass this on!
Thanks for your feedback! Email with your thoughts!


Running the UTMB with Anton Krupicka via Victor Rins
"A few weeks back, hundreds of runners lined up to take on the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, a grueling run around Mont Blanc that crosses through France, Italy, and Switzerland. It is widely considered to be amongst the toughest foot races in the world, and a true test for ultra-runners"-The Adventure Blog

The Ridge is the brand new film from Danny Macaskill... Just in case you haven't seen this one on facebook yet!  For the first time in one of his films Danny climbs aboard a mountain bike and returns to his native home of the Isle of Skye in Scotland to take on a death-defying ride along the notorious Cuillin Ridgeline.

An Alps Travelogue To Mont Blanc
" Shot in the Alps near Chamonix, France this past July, this video follows a trio of climbers as they head to Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in Western Europe. It is a wonderful three-and-a-half minute film of the journey to the summit, complete with mountain lodges, glacial traverses, and spectacular views."-The Adventure Blog

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Perseverance Party for the Forest!

There are only 50 spots left in this years 10th anniversary trail run for the Cumberland Forest!  Be sure to head over to the Perseverance website to register for the race and purchase your After Party Tickets asap!

Are you ready for a community fundraising celebration of epic proportions??  This years Perseverance Trail Run is a BIG deal and we hope that you will be a part of it!  Here is how you can help contribute to our exciting 'double your donation' fundraising campaign for the Cumberland Forest:

1.  Enter the Perseverance Trail Run!  Only 50 spots left and NO race day registrations!  Choose from the 3k Cross Country Romp or the classic 10k mountain run and put your climbing to the test.  Fun community event supporting a great cause, awesome draw prizes, yummy post race snacks and a costume contest are just a few reasons to come out and play!


2.  Attend the Perseverance After Party for the Forest Following the race from 1-5pm at the CRI beside race central in Cumberland.  You will not want to miss this 5 act, 5 hour fundraising celebration complete with a gourmet chili cook off, craft beer, circus performances and a massive silent auction with all proceeds donated (and doubled!!) to the Cumberland Forest Society. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased online via race registration or in person at the Wandering Moose Cafe, Riders Pizza and Extreme Runners.

3. Raise funds, collect pledges or make a donation via our Canadahelps fundraising page for the Forest!  Once again, all donations collected will be magically doubled this year by our generous forest fairy!  Please take a moment to make or collect donations as every dollar = two!  Every dollar counts!

4.  Buy a raffle ticket (or two!) for our Perseverance Raffle for the Forest!  You could win an awesome prize from one of our awesome sponsors: 2 return tickets anywhere West Jet flies, 3 hour guided Hornby Island mountain bike tour with Island Mountain Rides, limited edition, framed Tracy Kobus print!  Tickets are $20 and they are going fast... available at Wandering Moose Cafe, Riders Pizza, Extreme Runners and ELMs classes!

With so many great ways to support this years special 'double your donation' drive, we hope that you will be able to join the celebration!  Thank you for helping us spread the word to your friends and family! 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Videos: Weekend Film Fest!

Here...we...go!!!!!!!!!!!  It's Friday!! 

Happy Friday folks.  I hope you are already relaxing, laughing and enjoying the moment...and planning your adventures for the weekend:).  Well...I am, anyways! 

Here are my favourite videos from the week...there is a theme here...can you spot it?  Not very hard, I know.  But these 3 video's jumped out the most at me this week so I wanted to share them with you.  Regardless if you are a runner or not, these videos are sure to inspire you to your next adventure too!

No introductions...just sit back, relax and watch them...

The Ginger Runner: 'Squamish 50/50'

The North Face: UTBM: 'Curiosity'

Rob Krar: 'Depressions'

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Do you have a Need For Speed?!

ELM's Annual Need For Speed Clinic starts October 30th!

 Do not miss this opportunity to take your running to the next level this year! 

 If you are serious about your running, you want to run faster and further without injury.  ELM's Need for Speed Clinic will teach you the smart way to reach your running goals.

Runners who think that more mileage and longer hours are the only ways to improve end up frustrated or sidelined with injuries. The secret to running faster and further is training smarter not longer! Making simple changes in strength, flexibility, technique, and program design will help you reach a new level of performance.