Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Two Weeks in Iceland

This pretty much sums it up.  If you like the nature, you should just go.
Look how at peace Ms Nicole is here at Skogafoss.

Iceland is a raw land that is full of history, bold contrasts and mind blowing supernatural sights.  I recently had the chance to explore Iceland on a two week adventure and we saw a surprising amount of the country in this short time.  This post highlights our itinerary and my favourite images from our trip to the land of the Vikings.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Beat the Heat



The temperatures have climbed sky high and we are getting a real blast of summer heat – and a quick lesson in acclimating!   Some people thrive in the heat (me) and others wilt.  There are many factors that determine our ability to tolerate heat and cold including the temperature that we grew up in, how much time we spend in the heat/cold on a daily basis, body composition, stress, health conditions, genetics and more.   The great news is, our bodies do adapt through exposure and there are also many ways to prevent overheating.  Here are some tips to help you beat the heat!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Perseverance Trail Run: 2 Months to Go!

Image Dave Prothero

Registration is filling up for the 12th annual Perseverance Trail Run, taking place on Sunday, October 23rd in the Village of Cumberland! This years race will once again feature two classic trail run courses: A 3k Cross Country Romp and an 11k Mountain Run. The 3k XC Romp showcases the protected Cumberland Community Forest trails including a few ups and downs, twists and turns and maybe even a little water. This course is perfect for those looking to sample cross country running, including walkers and the little ones. The 11k Mountain Run is for those looking for a running challenge complete with steep climbs, flowing descents, technical single-track and breathtaking vistas. If you are ready to challenge your trail running stamina, this course will surely take you to new 'heights'.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Team ELM Canada rocks the 55km Iceland Laugavegur Ultra Marathon!


Eight local trail runners have just returned to the Comox Valley after completing the 55km Laugavegur Ultra Marathon in the wild Highlands of Iceland. ‘Team ELM Iceland’ trained for 5 months to prepare for the event and traveled to Iceland along with their Coach, Sarah Seads (owner of Equilibrium Lifestyle Management) for a week long adventure leading up to and including the race. Their results were impressive, considering all but two were attempting their first ultra marathon. Many of the runners, began their training at 8kms and with just 3-4 days of running per week, their race specific training plan helped them prepare effectively for the challenging 55km ultra.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Run BC Project 2016 Day 5: Nakusp Hot Springs Trail

Day 1: Keystone Standard Basin Trail: Revelstoke
Nakusp Hot Springs trail is 50 shades of green.

Run BC Project Day 5: Nakusp Hot springs Trail

Distance: Entire trail from parking to Nakusp Hot springs is 8.5kms one way.  We ran out and back for time, but you could run one way, out to the Hot springs ($ required to enter this facility fyi) and set up a shuttle scenario, or run out have a soak and then run back.  Would be an awesome bike ride as well.
Elevation: Map says 100m gain (hahah!) we ran 5.2kms each way and racked up 300m on our out and back. 
Terrain: Undulating forest path.  No major climbs or technical terrain.  Shaded forest all the way.
Map: Nakusp Trails
Bring: Bear spray (grizzly country!), camera, bathing suit and $ for the hot springs and emergency communication device such as the Delorme inReach (no cell service).

Run BC Project 2016 Day 4: Abbott Ridge

Day 1: Keystone Standard Basin Trail: Revelstoke
Yup.  Money.

Run BC Project Day 4: Abbott Ridge Trail, Glacier National Park

The best day of all?  Oooooooh it is so hard to pick a favourite!  But Abbott Ridge really did knock my socks was spec-freakin-tacular!

Distance: 13.6kms round trip
Elevation: 820m gain (it's a good steady up)
Terrain: Moderately steep dirt switchbacks to start with a good solid climb to the subalpine, then a rocky, uneven path up top. 
Map: Parks Canada
Trailhead: Illecillewaet Campground
Bring: Sunscreen, bear spray (grizzly country!), camera (and spare cards!) and emergency communication device such as the Delorme inReach (no cell service).

Run BC Project 2016 Day 3: Iceline Trail

 Day 1: Keystone Standard Basin Trail: Revelstoke

Woah Nelly!  Now this is a trail to write home about;).  Billed as the 'most beautiful trail in the Rockies' by many who have visited the area, we had to go and see for ourselves...

Taking in the awesome view of Takakkaw falls.

Run BC Project Day 3:  Iceline Trail, Yoho National Park

Day 3 of the Run BC Project saw us driving to Yoho National Park from our accomodation at  Kicking Horse mountain in Golden. There are some beautiful homes to rent on the mountain as well as an awesome restaurant to enjoy in town - 1122 (how is this fantastic gem in this wee town?).  You MUST go for post a post adventure stub and grub if you are in the area.

Distance: 20kms - loop (many options for out and backs, view points or shorter loops as well)
Elevation: 900m approximately
Terrain: Steep forested switchbacks (if you go clockwise) at the start, rocky traverse in the middle (exposed/no shade), sweet flowy singletrack along a river at the end of the loop (back in the shade).
Water: Many rivers flow across the trail from the Emerald glacier on the traverse.
Bring: Sunscreen (exposed up top!), bear spray (grizzly country!), camera (and spare cards!) and emergency communication device such as the Delorme inReach (no cell service).
Trailhead: Whiskey Jack Hostel, park at the Takakkaw Falls parking lot and walk back down the main road about .5kms to the Hostel to find the trailhead.  No parking allowed at the hostel fyi.

Run BC Project 2016 Day 2: Asulkan Valley Trail

The valley feels enchanted. There is magic in the atmosphere."
- Cartographer and explorer, Arthur O. Wheeler, 1905.
Run BC Crew running the rocky spines of Glacier National Park

Run BC Project Day 2: Asulkan Valley Trail, Glacier National Park

Distance 14kms round trip, 7kms one way to the Asulkan Cabin lookout
Elevation: start at 1245m-top out at 2114m, with about 900m of climbing/descending
Terrain: Non technical, with a section of ridge spine travel that will knock your socks off.  Light to moderate incline for the first 4kms with a good 'stiff' climb and the majority of elevation crammed into the final 3kms to the cabin.
Pack: Bear spray (Grizzly central and the park rangers had an up to date sighting/trail closure map at the entrance the week we were there), camera, sunscreen (exposed), communication device (Delorme inReach) trekking poles if you need them for a short section on steep, loose terrain.
Map: Parks Canada

Run BC Project 2016 Day 1: Keystone Standard Basin Trail

Livin the dream at Run BC2 with this rad crew of ladies!

Woweeee!  I just got home from an amazing week running and playing in some of BC's most spectacular single track with the 2016 edition of the Run BC Project and my heart (and SD cards) are full to the brim.  I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend a week in the wilderness with such a fantastic group of ladies, enjoying the beauty that our province has to offer and celebrating the gifts of health and life.  After 2 weeks of epic scenery in Iceland, Run BC was a gorgeous reminder that our province has just as much relentless beauty and out of this world terrain as the 'land of ice'.  Thanks to Jen Segger of Challenge by Choice Coaching in Squamish for organizing such a great trip and to Icebreaker for sponsoring the adventure with an amazing kit of beautiful clothing for all of the ladies.  Yes, I know how lucky I am!

I will post trip reports for each of the trails that we explored on this year's adventure along with my favourite images of each day.  Be sure to check out my trip report from last years Run BC Project as well!